How to Write a Catchy Title

How to Write a Catchy Title


One of the most important elements of a book is a strong title. It is like a newspaper headline: If prospective readers are intrigued, they keep reading. If they don’t, they move on to the next book or blog post.

Reader first look at the book’s:

  • Title
  • Cover
  • Back cover
  • Table of contents
  • First few paragraphs of the book’s content
  • And then the price

The most important element of all is the title.

Your title should do at least one of the following: create intrigue, identify a need, make a promise, or simply state the content.

Some quick suggestions are to mention a number in your title (non-fiction) i.e. 7 Easy Ways to… or 8 Steps to Prevent…

Keep in mind that most people base almost every buying decision on one of two things and they are To Achieve Pleasure or To Avoid Pain.  If your title shows them how they can achieve some type of pleasurable experience by reading your book or they can avoid suffering a painful mistake by buying your book then you are well on your way to writing a book that will sell.

Your title should set the expectation of the reader as to what to expect when they finish reading your book.

The right title can make you or break you. It is worth spending time to get it right.

For really good ideas on how to come up with a great non-fiction title visit