Max Fortune Show

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First Thursdays of the Month:

Success: The Blueprint to Achieving Your Dreams and Goals

Max Fortune highlights How to become a “Success” by sharing tips and pointers on how to Accomplish Your Dreams and Goals.  Using information from his book on Success.


Second Thursdays of the Month:

Get Rich in Your Niche

Max Fortune highlights How to “Get Rich in Your Niche” this show focuses on how to start, market and/or grow your business.

Third Thursdays of the Month:

How to Publish a book & Make a Fortune

Max Fortune highlights How to Publish a Book and Make a Fortune. Discover how to create a book around your business and how to use that book as a brochure to grow your business.

Fourth Thursdays of the Month:

Nicole Fortune Book

Max Fortune and wife Nicole Fortune discuss important information for couples who desire to grow their relationships.  Join this hot discussion on how Men and women process and navigate dating, relationships, and marriage.


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