How to Write a Book in 90 Days


How to Write a Book in 90 Days

Writing a book can be a very difficult and daunting task.  With the proper plan and the proper strategy it can also be one of the most fulfilling experiences a person can achieve or accomplish.

 With the proper approach you can go from just having a book idea in your head to having a book totally written by you. Your book could be published, marketed, and bringing in sales – all within the next 90 days!!

No matter what kind of book you decide to write, with the right plan you can have a  self-published book in your hands, in a few months. There are all types of books that are published every day and as long as you have niche or audience that wants your book, you can be a successful author. Keep in mind a few things that are important to the process:

Enjoy the journey

If you look forward to writing, you’re more likely to do it. Your readers will be able to feel your enthusiasm in the words that you choose. Make sure you are writing about a topic that you are excited about.

Set aside a reasonable timeframe

Work with what you have. Even if you only have 30 minutes a day to commit to writing, you will be surprised as to how much you will get done. Over weeks, the minutes add up.

Learn about yourself

If you are finding that you are constantly getting distracted from writing, maybe you don’t want to write a book. Perhaps you need to evaluate whether your topic is engaging or exciting if you are having a hard time staying focused. Reevaluate. Then get back to it.

Focus on the finish

Even if you love what you’re working on, there will be days when writing feels like a task that will never be complete. In those times focus on the finished project–What will the book cover look like? Whom will you thank on your acknowledgments page?—focusing on the finish will help you, finish.


In addition to writing one of the best ways you can improve your craft is by reading constantly.  Reading other works similar to yours may help you to see how others conquered similar topics. How their words created vivid imagery.

Get out and socialize

If you isolate yourself, you’re neglecting your craft. Make sure you stay in touch with the people in your circles.  You never know where your next inspiration for a character will come from.

Work daily

Stay engaged with the world you’ve created. Either write or edit what you have written every day.  The more time you spend away from your writing the harder it is to get back to it.

Eliminate distractions

As hard as this may be, it is critical. Shut your phone off. Cut off the Television. Don’t have your social media notifications on. All you need is pen and paper, or your laptop, desktop or tablet.

Adjust your expectations

I always say, “In order to avoid disappointments you must adjust your expectations.” If you’ve never tried writing a book before, you shouldn’t expect to master the craft in one month. It is going to take time to master the craft of writing. So keep doing it.

Get feedback early and often

It is very important to share some of your work with others to field responses to your writing.  Have someone who’s opinion you trust look at your work, to see how they react to your writing.  This can help you catch problems early.

For more information or help with completing your book, it is best to hire a book coach. I help people get their books finished and published within 90 days. Simply email Max Fortune at or call (844) 417-4177 or visit my website


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