How to Get a Book Published?

 Max Fortune's 10 steps to writing a book in 90 days

How to Get a Book Published?

In order to get a get a book published, a Book Coaching program helps you learn simple techniques you can implement instantly to help you write and publish your book quickly and affordably.

Book coaching will give you the blueprint to writing a book by being mentored and learning how to plan/outline your book. It will give you the ability to get the book done very effectively.

A Book coaching program will reveal four different strategies… some of these strategies will shock you as to how simple they are to implement.

  1. Learn how to think beyond your book and discover how to create multiple streams of income all from one book.
  2. Writing a book gives you instant expert status. If you wrote the book, you are now seen as the authority on that subject by others. With the proper plan and the proper strategy writing a book can be one of the most fulfilling experiences, you can achieve or accomplish.
  3. Writing A Book Is An Instant Credibility Booster. From a business perspective, writing a book can help you grow your business. It is one of the fastest ways to gain credibility. Establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  4. Writing a book can increase the audience your message can reach. You will leave a legacy beyond your years.

Working on a book will give you daily inspiration. A book has great power to change minds, relationships and lives.

Most people never finish their book, whether it’s because they didn’t put in the time, make the difficult sacrifices, were too scared they weren’t good enough, gave up when the going got hard and they didn’t do whatever they needed to do to make their goal a reality. A Book Coach can help you overcome whatever is stopping you. Remember, this doesn’t have to be difficult, time-consuming, hard or expensive.

Do you want to short cut your book project success? Now you can.

  • Take the guesswork out of writing, publishing, and marketing your successful print or ebook.
  • Eliminate frustration, trial and errors, and avoid mistakes you can’t afford.
  • Build confidence so you can finish your project with a partner who cares about you and your book.
  • Get higher $ returns than your investment with book coach
  • Save enough writing time, that you can invest in the marketing strategies and actions your book must have.

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The Importance of a Book Coach

Laying a solid foundation for your book is the single biggest confidence-boosting and time-saving move you can make, whether you’re writing fiction, memoir or nonfiction when it comes to helping you get a book published. Spending just six weeks digging deep into your story can literally make or break your entire project.

Hiring a book coach can help you in many ways.

Here are just a few examples of what a book coach can help you with:

• Get clear about your goals. This may include getting clarity on why you want to write, who you want to reach and what effect you want to have on people.

• Develop a plan for success, so that you reach those goals.

• Create a system for:

-Taking action each week to reach your goals

-Having accountability to support your success

-Addressing any challenges you’re having in meeting your goals and overcoming any roadblocks to achievement

• Assess your progress and make any necessary changes to your plan.

• Organize and develop your book or book proposal.

• Provide feedback on—and edit—your writing.

• Expand your author platform.

• Develop a powerful and effective promotion plan for your book. As well as Learning from “mistakes” and turning them into opportunities.

No one can make you sit down and write, but if you have the desire to actually start and complete a writing project, a “Book Coach” can help you accomplish this goal through weekly phone consultations, check ins, brainstorming sessions, consultations, feedback, accountability, and exercises.

A “Book Coach” can help you get a book published and provide numerous ideas for how to write a book fast using the little time you might have in your busy schedule. When you are finished writing, a “Book Coach” can help you with the final details as well. A “Book Coach” usually has experienced editors ready and waiting to help polish your finished manuscript and even have experts ready to help you self-publish, too.

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