How to Achieve Your Goals

In order to feel successful in life, you absolutely must have dreams or goals. Success is achieved by establishing a dream or goal, a plan of action, staying focused until your goals are reached.

Without having dreams or goals, life can tend to be very uninspiring. Your dreams and goals give you purpose, something to look forward to. Not having a goal is like running a race without a finish line.  It’s pointless. If you are just running, you are bound to get tired. You rest and then you run again. You just rest and run all of the time with no destination, no target. Can you imagine how exhausting watching any sport would be if there wasn’t a finish line or measurement of conclusion? It would not only be exhausting for the athletes, but it would be hard to watch a sporting event that just went on and on. That is what it is like having a life without any goals. Your dreams and goals help you to stay focused when unforeseen events sidetrack you in life. Dreams and goals provide the framework in which success is measured.

Identifying your personal dreams and goals is the most important aspect of getting to know you. You must first get to know who you are and what you are. You must take inventory of your strengths and weaknesses, find and develop good habits, model positive behavior, understanding that you are a product of your environment. Take advantage of everyday to reinvent yourself and to make you better than you were yesterday. You will eventually learn to become your best friend. This is especially the case when you can work on the things that you can control. It will most certainly foster self-confidence and increase your ability to tap into your inner genius.  Always remember that if you have a setback, be disciplined enough to get back on your game plan. Tap into your belief system and never forget the importance of having your dreams and your goals.


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