Max Fortune

The Benefits of Hiring Max Fortune to Ghostwrite Your Book

Have you always dreamed of writing a book, but never seemed to find the time to do it? Do you have the idea, marketing skills, and vision, but lack the writing ability? If this is you, then hiring Max Fortune as your ghostwriter might be the solution you need.

A ghostwriter is someone who will do the actual writing for you, yet who forgoes all the copyrights to the work in exchange for payment. So the ghost does the writing, and your name goes on the book cover as the author.

Consider the following benefits of hiring Max Fortune as your ghostwriter for your book:

Your Book Is Written in Your Voice
If you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter, one of your main concerns might be whether or not the finished product will really “sound” like you. After all, if someone else is doing the writing, will it really feel like your book when you are done?

One benefit of hiring Max Fortune as your ghostwriter is that I will adapt the writing to your voice. I will spend a lot of time with you preparing to write, and during this time I will get a feel for your voice, temperament, and style.

The project is collaborative, so you can be sure that your thoughts and feelings are expressed accurately on the written page. In fact, because you will spend so much time talking with Max Fortune, you may find that the finished work sounds more like you than your own writing does!

  • I will help you create an eye-catching book cover that will garner lots of attention.

  • I will also be able to help you with your copyrights, ISBNs and getting your book into print.

  • I will show you many ways to Expand your author platform.

  • And most importantly I will show you how to Develop a powerful business around your book.

My Ghostwriting services guarantee that your manuscript will be completed at the end of 90 days.

So what are you waiting for let’s get your book published.